Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I advertise and sign up people?.

    We send you an attractive hand out flyer which helps you sell your trip. It's also a sign up form that people send back to you. Checks are payable to ShowTime Sensations, Inc. so you don't deposit or withdraw anything.

  2. The free advertising flyer has your group name and all the details of your trip and who to contact.

  3. How Large or small can a group be?

  4. Group tours start with 30 people and can include several hundred people. Our prices are based on a bus of 50 people. Fewer people will increase the price per ticket because the cost of the bus and our expenses are spread over a smaller number of people.

  5. Do I need a deposit to book a trip?

    A small deposit may be required. We have a Letter of Agreement and together with you, we arrange easy stretched-out payment dates that give you time to collect your money.


  6. How soon do I need to book a trip?

    You can’t start too soon. Many of the shows on Broadway sell out a year in advance. After all, Broadway sells tickets to people from all over the world on a daily basis. Most of our groups work nine months in advance. This gives them time to circulate the flyers and collect the deposit and the final payment.

    Contact us today with the show and date you are thinking about. The sooner you get started, the better the seats you will get in any category you select. (Click here to see our list of show & events )

    Who do the individuals make their checks payable to?

  7. We make the job of organizing a trip easy for you. You don’t need to deposit and withdraw anything from your personal account. All checks are made payable to ShowTime Sensations Inc. You just collect them and send them to us.


    Can we do a Fundraiser?

    Yes, Showtime Sensations works with many different groups and some do regular fundraiser's with us. You can add $10 or more to the event price we give you. On the day of your trip, your organization will get our check for the monies raised by your trip.


    What is the cost of a trip?

    That depends on the show you select and the seats you chose.  We give you a price for the event plus transportation. You can add-on lunch or dinner or eat on your own using our restaurant walking map.


    Where does the bus pick us up?

    Everything we do is designed for your convenience. Our bus will come to your location. We can even stop at two locations to pick up other members of your group.


  8. What are intermission sips?

    We don’t want you to get stuck buying a $3 cup of coke (mostly ice) in the theater. We call it a "dollar a sip"! So, we send you into the theater with a refreshment and mints.


  9. What does the Tour Guide do?

    All of our trips have a Tour Guide and Host who stay with you the entire day – even in the theater. They make certain that your lunch or dinner meet our exact standards.

  10. The Tour Guide and Host are busy on your trip serving juices, beverages and a collection of snacks. They talk about Broadway and the show that you are going to see. They also have a lot of fun raffling off our wonderful FREE “thank you” prizes.

  11. The Tour Guide and Host use a system of flags to get you from the theater to the bus safely. Some groups eat on Times Square and walk to the theater led by the Tour Guides with their flags.

  12. Your Tour Guide will also entertain you with the latest Hollywood films, selected especially for your group.