Meet Our Team

Dante J. J. Bevilacqua
When we say that our trips are a party on wheels, we’re not kidding. ShowTime Sensations was created in 1997 by Dante J.J. Bevilacqua and has steadily grown through personal recommendations from our many tour participants.


Dante has professionally written about theater for 20 years as a columnist. His articles appear regularly in four major newspapers in the Delaware Valley area. He has traveled the world 14 times with different tour operators. Dante used the best of those adventures to design his vision of the ShowTime Experience.


Writing about theater is a wonderful occupation but sharing that experience with people at the theater is a special pleasure.


ShowTime Sensations is a daylong party. There is no other tour company like it because NO ONE would go to our extreme to satisfy guests of all ages.

The Family Portrait
Dante, Mr. Mistoffelees and Paulina
Persian Kitties, brother and sister from the same litter

Elaine Siderio
Elaine is our group sales manager. Now retired, she worked for many years as a supervisor for a major area bank.


Elaine’s life-long passion for travel has taken her around the world many times. She has always loved theater – which makes this combination a perfect match for her role on our team.

Elaine Siderio

With a cheerful personality, Elaine is also a Host on some of our tours, so she has first-hand recommendations to help you decide what is best for your group. You will find her ShowTime experiences an invaluable assistance in your planning.


Elaine and Dante have known each other for a long time – in fact, they are cousins.

Kathy Gurevitch
Business manager is a title that seems too formal for Kathy. She is the sweetest, most agreeable person you’re ever likely to meet.


Kathy makes all the reservations for each ShowTime tour. With a good knack for detail and distance, she lays out the hour-by-hour itinerary for each trip.

Kathy and John Gurevitch
The mother of two teenage children, Kathy extends her business talents and her charming personality to the task of Tour Director on many of our trips. And wouldn’t you know – her and her husband John get rave reviews on our handout questionnaires.

John Gurevitch
John is a computer systems project manager for a national corporation. Wife Kathy recommended ShowTime as an “outlet” for his stressful job. John teams up with Kathy as a Host on her tours. You’ll find that John has a warm smile and a great sense of humor.

Debbie Inverso

Rosemary Smith

Andrew Weiner
Tour Guide




Madelyn Henry Stubbs

Madelyn and Dante were classmates at Saint Joseph’s College. Madi, as she likes to be called, has years of administrative experience in professional theater. Her husband Paul travels the world as a highly touted business consultant.


Madi is another of our consultants volunteering her keen suggestions on maintaining a high level of service. She is an avid theatergoer, and together with Paul, she frequently attends Off-Broadway productions in search of inspiring plays. Madi shares our enthusiasm for travel by occasionally joining us as a Tour Host on our daylong trips. Going back to their days in College Theater, Dante and Madi are still working together.

Madelyn Henry Stubbs

Steve and Maryjane Enoch

Steve and Maryjane are “charter members” of ShowTime Sensations.

In 1996, they contributed to every function of the creative process from operational concept to our advertising logo designs.


Their innovative ideas have made them an indispensable part of our “think tank” process that constantly improves our service.

Steve and Maryjane Enoch

Steve is Director of MIS for an international corporation. Steve and MJ have four beautiful daughters: Christin and triplets Jennifer, Kimberly and Beth Ann. The triplets have graduated college and Christin is a superb swimmer on the Ryder College Team. (See our photo of the Enoch girls on our “testimonials” web page.)


ShowTime gratefully acknowledges their encouragement, their “can do” attitude and their many voluntary contributions.